Fresh Hope Journal - Val Marie Paper
Fresh Hope Journal - Val Marie Paper

Fresh Hope Journal

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What if we started each morning excited to see what God could do if we opened our hearts to the opportunities all around us? What if we got to be the hands and feet of God's provision for His people here on Earth? 

I have a tendency to be melancholy. Dreary days, sickness and everyday doldrums can pull me down. I tend to think introspection into the problem will fix it. But really, the majority of the time, what fills me with hope and joy is serving others. What a beautiful by-product of getting to be a part of God's mission here on earth. JOY. 

What if put my focus on finding others to serve throughout my day instead of putting so much energy into making ME happy? What if I got to be a part of some small moment where God worked? What if that filled me with fresh hope for everyday knowing anything is possible when I open my heart to God? What if I went to bed excited for the unknown of tomorrow instead of apprehensive of it?

My hope for this journal is to create a chronicle of miracles that will challenge us and
encourage us to experience daily miracles as we say "YES!" to being led by God.


  • 2 pages of prep work
  • 31 days to chronicle stories of hope. Each hope-filled story includes space to fill in when and where it happened, how God prompted you, what happened and how it impacted you. 

SIZE: 5X7  |  DETAILS: 40 pages 

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