Pregnancy Prayer Journal - Val Marie Paper
Pregnancy Prayer Journal - Val Marie Paper
Pregnancy Prayer Journal - Val Marie Paper
Pregnancy Prayer Journal - Val Marie Paper
Pregnancy Prayer Journal - Val Marie Paper

Pregnancy Prayer Journal

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    Our pregnancy prayer journal is great to have on hand this holiday season as loved ones announce their pregnancies!

    I couldn’t believe I didn’t think of this sooner. My pregnancy with Vivi is when I designed the prayer journal to begin with. Pregnancy can be a time of worry and stress and discomfort or it can be a time of faith-building, peace and joy, the latter of which I never thought I’d experience, but did!

    The pregnancy prayer journal is divided up into trimesters and then months with space to prayer for your worries, baby’s developments, future, your symptoms and dad. There is space for answered prayers and a Scripture verse and even goals.

    We have a second section to include prayers for labor and delivery and the first six week. AND something I’m really excited about, the labor verses that I shared here are ALL included!!

    If you are already using our women’s prayer journal, no need to stop using when you start this. This journal is specifically just for pregnancy so I’d actually encourage you to use both together. We don’t want those pregnancy months to just be focused inward so the women’s prayer journal, more geared toward all those people in our life, helps to do that. I actually considered including the full context of the women’s prayer journal in this so you could have together but it would have been enormous, not fold properly and I really wanted it to be something you could take with you everywhere!

    If you are in the process of trying to get pregnant, feel free to purchase before. I actually have a page for the first month, when you might get an inkling you are pregnant before you know for sure. Your secret is safe with VMP! We won’t share your potential news! :)

    SIZE: 5X7 | DETAILS: 60 pages


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